Entirely hand crafted in NC
Entirely hand crafted in NC
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My Name:

Melissa Manley

Will this "turn"?
Turn in to what? LOL.... Seriously though, yes most metals oxidize. Metals like silver, copper and bronze are just like us, they react to the environment over time. Air, humidity, heat, all sorts of exposure will age metal just as it ages us. In fact, most patina's are chemical ways that humans have devised to mimic the affects of time. That said, yes, your metal will probably tarnish since I use pure copper, sterling silver and bronze. All these will react to time and elements. However, they can all be polished with a cloth or polish pad, because I do not apply chemical coatings that are short lived. I want my metal to breathe and be a part of my life, not encapsulate it in toxic plastic coatings. So when you polish your work, you and I, and the Earth that created the metal your piece is made out of, can have a brief moment of connection.

How do you ship?
Normally, I ship USPS. For more one-of-a-kind expensive items I prefer USPS Priority mail, as it is insured and trackable. Should you prefer another method please, contact me!

How fast will I receive it?
Well that depends. Right now, I'm a one woman show. My parents have offered to pack and ship but hey, they're in their 80's so.. not sure how much whip cracking there will be! LOL
Should you have a special occasion or other time sensitive need, please, contact me!

What if I need to return an item?
Please, please, let me know immediately and send back the item intact, within a week of contacting me. It must be in the same condition you received it.
No returns will be accepted on custom made pieces.
No refunds will be issued without contacting me first.
No returns or refunds after two weeks of receiving your item.

Can I order a custom piece?
At the moment, since it's just me and my cats, I am not able to accept custom work. When the cats learn metalworking maybe we can talk. But, uh.... they very sensitive about not having thumbs. So we try not to talk about it. I am always open to suggestions though, and enjoy comments on my Instagram posts. When custom slots are available I will post them here as a purchasable item. Custom pieces begin at $100 and go up depending on the design.